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Many innovative technologies never gain significant market adoption in the marketplace. This occurs even when there is a major investment in the technology. The common reason for the slow market adoption of innovative technology centers on the challenges of field execution in gaining commitment from high adopting, decision making, prospects. Slow adoption also occurs because of the great expense and long time frames needed to build a highly effective sales channels, sales teams and a market presence.

We get technology into action immediately!

"International Technology Brokers has unbelievably experienced technology professionals who delivered customers faster than we ever thought possible."
- M. Johnson, COO CTS Ltd.

Technology Brokers International is dedicated to the growth of world class technologies available today. Our focus is to partner with innovative technology companies and facilitate the adoption of their technologies with our established prospect organizations. This is accomplished in a performance-based environment, allowing companies to grow rapidly while better managing cash reserves.

Like real estate agents and brokers, our technology agents and brokers are dedicated to brokering technology properties. Performance based commissions are the driving force that help innovative technology companies gain access to many markets without the need to hire an expansive and expensive direct sales and marketing department.

Our highly experienced technology business development professionals are typically senior technology professionals from both major and Start-Up technology corporations. They are dedicated to growing innovative technologies. They strive to increase the competitive advantage of our customers through the aggressive adoption of innovative technology by their senior, "decision making", contacts.


The vision of Technology Brokers International is to support and leverage innovative technologies with an international network of highly qualified technology brokers and agents. These brokers and agents become your highly cost effective marketing and sales channel.

"Our goal is to support, accelerate and expand the adoption of the world's most innovative technologies from Innovative Start-ups".
David Hayes
CEO and Founder
Technology Brokers International

Technology Brokers International is a concept whose time has come. The ever-churning technology cycle has created the need for outstanding global technology business development. We continue to harness the talent potential in the technology market in an effort to grow and accelerate the adoption of technology from innovative companies.

Execution is Everything!

Like the real estate business, Technology Brokers and Agents have a hunger to close a deal. They specialize in different technology sectors like: telecom, software, networks, hardware, ASP, Bio-technology, Dot.Com, and other innovative technologies. Their expertise in selling technology becomes a highly leveraged advantage for innovative technologies.

Getting in fast, getting out with an order is what innovative technologies need. Financing will not save a technology that can not gain market adoption.

Brokering technology not only gives technology companies a competitive advantage but also allows for the expansion of your technology into markets that are not accessible without the local presence of a technology broker and their team of agents.

Get the Credits you Deserve!

Technology Money Seminar
R&D Tax Credits
GST/PST/HST Rebates and Architecture
Technology Accounting Services
Workers Compensation Cost Recoveries
Access Government Sponsored Programs

Free SR/ED and Research Rebate Assessment SR/ED

Technology Brokers International is offering a time-limited "Free Assessment" for companies who feel they may have an SR/ED or Research Tax Credit opportunity. Please email us today!

New and innovative technology requires time, patience and significant investment. Our clients deserve to receive all the tax credits that are due to them but often can not defocus their organizations in trying to negotiate the time consuming and often bureaucratic red tape required to achieve research and development tax credits.

Click on this Email link if you are interested in our free assessment consultation. Important! Please include a phone number with area code and your Name and Title.


Technology Brokers International has significant experience in gaining research and development tax credits from Federal, State, Provincial and Jurisdictional governments where applicable. Our Network of tax specialists have many years of experience in the field of research and development credits. We can achieve tax credits quickly and effectively.

Many large accounting firms charge high up front hourly fees when performing these tax credit activities with no guarantees that any tax credits will be seen by their customers.

Technology Brokers International is pleased to bring these tax credits to our clients on a performance fee basis.

GST/PST/HST Rebates and Architecture

Our technology tax experts can get you the rebates you deserve. They have a specialized talent for GST/PST and HST design, architecture and performance.

Technology Accounting Services

We can also provide other technology accounting services. Most companies are not aware of the extra care needed to design and take advantage of the many government incentives with respect to Corporate Income Tax.

We can also provide Full financial & forensic accounting services with a particular ability to maximize Estate tax & planning services. The latter can be very complicated and most principles in technology firms are not aware of the benefits available to them as principles in an innovative technology company.

Workers Compensation Cost Recoveries

There are numerous means of recovering costs owed to innovative technology companies that are not always apparent to our clients. Workers compensation rebates and standards, human resource efficiencies and costs recovered from many other lesser-known government programs. We recover your costs on a performance fee basis. You do not need to defocus your efforts or spend needed cash while we work to get you this latent money.

Access Government Sponsored Programs

There is over $2 billion Government dollars available to Innovative Technology Companies. Why do some companies get to play in this $2 Billion dollar sand box and not you? You can take advantage of the available funds without having to worry about all the bureaucratic red tape. We get you these funds on a performance basis. We do the work and you collect the rewards.

For any of these services please click on the email link below and we can work with you to make you BIG!

David Hayes, CEO, President and Founder Mr. Hayes is an eMarketing and Technology Business Development specialist. He has over 18 years experience in sales and marketing management in international consumer and high technology corporations. Recently, he was Global Vice-President for Product Marketing at Corel Corporation, responsible for the global launch and highest profitability of many well-known technologies. He has also consulted with and founded several Start-Up companies. Mr. Hayes holds a Bachelor of Science degree, an Advanced Degree in Graduate Management and an Executive MBA in Information Technology Management. His research and technology experience has been focused on assessing new technology. He has formed key technology strategies and maximized the market adoption of new technology. Mr. Hayes has an active family life and is well known and respected in the local technology community.