Our team specializes in marketing and selling software. We have successfully marketed Corel Draw, Peachtree, Trillix, HR Soft Suite and many more software solutions.

We have achieved top market shares for our clients. Marketing and selling software has many different requirements relative to other technologies. Is a channel strategy best? What market or vertical is the most strategic? Our clients see the value of having our expertise marketing and/or selling their software and Technology Brokers International is committed to growing your software on a local or global basis. Sales leads are an important issue and we have significant capabilities in gaining sales leads particularly in the software market.

Use Guerilla Marketing to Generate Software Leads

Our partnership with OctaPoint allows Technology Brokers International to find a significant number of opportunities for your software. Software leads are an important part of building your footprint. It also allows us to find most of your competitors resulting in key market analytics which will provide a more focused and strategic market position for your company. OctaPoint finds excellent software leads and these software leads are qualified and targeted. If software leads are not important to your business then we recommend other approaches to gain sales leads. OctaPoint gains software leads and sales leads for thousands of opportunities.

David Hayes, our founder, has been a senior marketer for many software solutions. He has developed and grown both consumer and enterprise software products. His considerable expertise in this area will be of great value to your company and will help grow your software at an accelerated pace.

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